In our latest broadcast we interview Pastor Mike Shreve, an ex-kundalini yoga instructor, who shares his testimony of finding the True Light in Jesus — the only way to the true God.

Very powerful and anointed testimony.

Share this video with people that have been involved in yoga.

Are all religions different paths to the same God? Are all names given to God equally legitimate? Is Ultimate Reality a personal God or an impersonal cosmic energy? Is truth subjective or objective? In Search of the True Light answers these and many other vital questions surrounding religion and spirituality. This one-of-a-kind book *Compares over 20 religions! *Reveals fascinating commonalities! *Exposes evident contradictions! *Responds to far eastern concepts like: reincarnation, karma, monism, pantheism, enlightenment and endless cycles of creation! *Shares Mike Shreve’s personal, spiritual journey! *Unveils the TRUE LIGHT that will guide you from time to eternity!

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